Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Communication channels like emails, websites, advertisements etc. enables only one-way communication from you to your customers. But social media platforms let you interact and build trust with your audience in a more authentic manner. Social media marketing is an approach of digital marketing used for establishing solid brand-customer trust by engaging the target audience with the brands they favor. By building strong social media presence, it aims at increasing the brand awareness for your brand. It gives your business the ability to interact with your current as well as potential customers in a comfortable setting.

For a social media strategy to be effective it should be fresh, engaging and tailored to your brand and the social media platform. It is not just publishing posts and creating online ads. All social media platforms are unique in their own way and have their own strengths and features which can be useful to your business. So, it is essential to have an effective and unique social media plan for every platform so that your business gets the maximum benefit from each of them.

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The social media is continuously evolving through the years giving rise to new trends every now and then. So, it becomes crucial for the marketers to keep up with the latest changes. At Marolix, you don’t have to worry about that. We love to remain updated and all our marketing strategies are also aligned with the latest trends. With a distinct focus on positive exposure and positive reputation, we use our SMM services in Hyderabad to effectively market your products or services and create a hands-on brand identity across all the platforms. We will do everything from A to Z.

Our SMM process

A dedicated social media manager for your accounts

At our Best Social Media Marketing Company in Hyderabad, a social media account manager will dedicatedly plan and develop social media strategy for your business and implement it. This manager will carry out a thorough analysis of your business to learn about your business and will be your primary point of contact.

Develop social media strategy tailored to your business

An extensive research and analysis of your business and your competitors will be carried out to develop an effective content strategy. A buyer’s persona will be developed to understand their perception of your brand. We will also create sales funnel to showcase you the roadmap to success.

Develop content calendars and posts

After you approve the content strategy developed by us, we will start implementing it. We will start creating bespoke engaging posts and prepare a monthly content calendar showing which post will go live eon which platform and on what day. This will allow you to review anything before it goes live on any platform.

Understanding that different platforms require different content to grab the attention of its users, we will develop unique content for each platform.