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Role of Artificial Intelligence


Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

The population today is too much into the internet and social media. According to the survey, it is stated that an average person spends almost 3.5 lakhs minutes on the internet and social media throughout his lifespan. As the dependency on technology is continuously rising these days the scope of Digital Marketing is also increasing at a high rate. Well, now it is acknowledged that Digital Marketing has a wide scope in the current scenario. But without making regular efforts and creativity nothing can last long in this world. Hence, today we find various trends and creative advancements in Digital Marketing notably considered. Out of all the advancements the most favoured development is the steady growth of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing.

If you think that shortly you don’t even have to lift your finger to do any work and all your work will be done by robots and artificial intelligence, maybe you are thinking right. There will be times when Robots will be found in everyone’s home like we find mobile phones these days.

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is a science created by humans for the benefit of humans. In layman terms in Artificial Intelligence robots are being used to perform the tasks of humans. In the case of Digital Marketing, earlier organizations were reluctant to implement Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing techniques. But in recent times the dependency on Artificial Intelligence has considerably increased as it has shown in worth by benefiting the organizations.

intelligence has many benefits in Digital Marketing sectors, such as,

It boosts the Digital Marketing strategies – Artificial Intelligence being a very smart technology can help the businesses to decide several factors like how to target more customers, how to personalize tasks and messages and many more

It saves time–These days people do not want to make many efforts and want their tasks to get completed in a short time. Artificial Intelligence is serving people by completing tasks in less time

It is very effective and efficient –Artificial Intelligence helps the people to do every work in a proper order so that it doesn’t get messy anywhere and at the last results are appropriate.

It gives a very accurate result –Sometimes when the problems are big and continuous it becomes difficult to find the accurate result manually, but with Artificial Intelligence every task gets easier and has more accuracy.

It saves a lot of money in the daily cores of business –In a business, on a daily basis, many petty expenses occur which at the end of the year turns out to be a huge amount. Artificial Intelligence saves a lot of money in this case.

It barely makes any errors or mistakes –When all the commands are correctly entered the Artificial intelligence barely makes any mistakes.

It helps the organizations to survive in the long run –In a business, on a daily basis, many petty expenses occur which at the end of the year turns out to be a huge amount. Artificial Intelligence saves a lot of money in this case.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing in Current Scenario

As time passes by, every business organization wants to be the best amongst others in the field. To be nonpareil every organization is trying to adapt something new every day. And one of the most used trends to revolutionize Digital Marketing is the employment of Artificial Intelligence. Currently, Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing is being used by organizations to complete various tasks and get the most accurate results.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing is being used for tasks like:

Designing Websites-Earlier it was a cumbersome task to build a website. Only a few professionals were able to work on a website. But these days one just has to know about ‘grids’ that use Artificial Intelligence to work on. The user now just has to provide the requirements like texts, images, call-to-actions, etc. and a full-fledged professional website will be made ready by the AIs. Creating Contents for the Website regularly- Well it cannot be denied that machines cannot write content on their own nor can they express their views on different aspects. But Artificial Intelligence helps the content creation in several other ways, like attracting customers to read the content. There are few AI tools like Wordsmith, Articoolo and Quill which are used by Forbes to generate news and generate clicks. Therefore, we can conclude that the time is near when Artificial Intelligence will be used to create and generate the whole content.

Advertising the Content- Advertising is the area where Artificial Intelligence is used a lot by almost every organization these days. Artificial Intelligence is being used to target the customers, know about their likes and dislikes, demographics, demands and many more. It is potentially used to create and manage such advertisements which will create a more and more genuine customer base. We can see Artificial Intelligence being successfully used by Facebook and Google Ads platform to generate Advertisements. The newest approaches of Artificial Intelligence for Advertising is the introduction of Adext in which AIs work-based on the algorithms and attract customers basing on it.

Keeping a Count on No. of Users Using the Website- The most favourable task Artificial Intelligence does for the organizations is keeping a count on the no of customers using the website. It makes a detailed count on who are the regular visitors on the website, who visited the website from different ads displayed on different platforms. It also lets the Webmaster know about the organic and other search types. One can even find the place and time on which a visitor made his visit to the website. In this way, targeting the customers is much easier for everyone in the Digital Marketing platform.

Daily Analyses-Analyzing a website regularly is very important. But analyzing it manually becomes hectic. But now after the introduction of Artificial Intelligence analyzing the websites has become much easier and faster. Especially for the new organizations analyzing have become so easier that they instantly keep growing by improvising their mistakes.

To Make the Website Very Attractive-A website has to be attractive enough to attract visitors regularly. Websites these days are so well designed and upgraded with the help of Artificial Intelligence that most websites are successful in generating potential visitors.

To Compete with Other Websites to Be on the Top- Artificial Intelligence helps the websites to get optimized well so that the website can compete with other websites of the same type by being displayed on the top whenever there is a search relating to the website on the search engines.

Voice Searches-Ok Google! Hey Siri! Alexa! Are you familiar with such commands? Well, you must be. Adext The voice searches using Artificial Intelligence is now a hit every platform is trying to use. This revolution of Artificial Intelligence in Digital platforms is a boon. Instead of typing or giving long commands, one just has to say what he needs to search and the search engines show all the results.

Chatbots– Chatbots are the coolest trend every online platform tries to have in their sites. Chatbots are the icons where the visitors don’t have to wait from someone from the website to call them; instead, they can chat with already installed bots that can chat with the visitors basing on the priory given commands. It becomes very easy for visitors to get their required information without having to wait for a long time. It’s like instant answers for instant questions

How Bright Is the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing?

Despite all the negative aspects, it is quite obvious that in a few years from now, Artificial Intelligence will be all over the Digital Marketing field. Whether it generating content or making campaigns or optimizing the websites or working on advertisements and attracting more visitors to the websites, Artificial intelligence will do everything in the Digital Marketing field which is indeed a blessing to all. In 10 years from now definitely, everyone can easily work on Digital Marketing as Artificial Intelligence will make it very convenient for everyone to manage their online websites and platforms.