Infographic Design

Infographic Design

Infographic is the graphic visual representation of the data or information that is crucial to understand the topic. The combination of content and graphics helps to simplify the data and makes it easy to understand for the viewers. The information displayed in eye-catching and attractive visual elements also reaches out to the audience who may not be aware about your business or industry.

Grow your reach with our infographic design services

At Marolix, we Infographic Designing Company in Hyderabad design infographics that will put forward your brand message, reverberate with your audience and project your marketing campaigns. Our infographic design team includes design, editorial and strategy departments who together strive to create attractive and one-of-a-kind infographics that will give a visual lift to your brand. Our Infographic Design Services in Hyderabad help the clients achieve their marketing goals and sales funnels. We blend design and marketing strategy to build infographics that suits your online business needs, grow website traffic and improve brand awareness.

infographic design services in hyderabad

Why Infographic designs work?

  • As the human attention span is shrinking to fewer than 8 seconds, it becomes extremely necessary to convey the key information in minimum possible time. Displaying the data visually helps to achieve this as it is the primary medium in which the human brain is more likely to consume the data.

  • Moreover, as per some research, it was found that humans only remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read and 80% of what they see or do. This makes infographic designs a powerful tool to convey the information for marketers and also one of the fastest growing content formats.

  • Long texts can be boring. Most of the viewers just skim long texts to get the necessary information. With infographics, there will be no beating around the bush. Viewers will be conveyed only the essential information. As per some research, it was also discovered that there is 30 times more possibility that the viewers will read the content in infographic from top to bottom than any long paragraphs.

  • As 90% of the information consumed by the brain is visual, infographic designs can prove to be a substantial tool to convey complex data effectively.

  • Infographics can also help in keeping the social media game on as picture-b ased posts have 600 times more engagement than text-based messages on social platforms thereby helping in enhancing social media presence. They are also 3 times shared more than other content types.