Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies for lead and revenue generation. It is one of the best resources for generating and nurturing leads and stay on top-of-the-mind of the audience. It is the smartest investment for any company to grow their sales, revenue and operations. Sending promotional emails, monthly newsletters and more keeps your customers interested in your brand and keeps them primed to buy your products and services. This fuels your brand growth by reaching out to new customers while keeping your loyal customers coming back with email marketing.

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Why you should opt for email marketing services?

Email marketing is not a fad. It is not new and is here to stay. Here, are some statistical facts showing why you should opt for email marketing services:

  • Approximately 9 billion people use email applications which means they are able to access emails on the go.

  • 91% of people check their emails on a daily basis which means there are higher chances of your email getting noticed as soon as you send them.

  • 1/3rd of customers has made a purchase from emails.

All these stats show that your customers would like to receive emails from the brands or companies they do business with. They are likely to check those emails on a regular basis. But this will happen only if your email content is valuable. And with our email marketing services in Hyderabad, you don’t need to worry! At Marolix, an email marketing company in Hyderabad, we will market your business as if it were our own.

Focus completely on your business and we will handle your email campaigns!

A dedicated email campaign manager will analyze your business to learn more about it. He/she will conduct an extensive research and analysis of your business and your competitors to develop an effective email marketing strategy. The manager will discuss the email campaign and marketing plan with you and develop an email marketing content calendar tailored to your business.

Our highly-skilled copywriters will create engaging email and newsletter copies that work for your brand. They will strive to make it consistent with the tone of the voice of your website.

Using unique graphics and images for your email campaigns and newsletters, we will create mobile-ready emails that look great and will maximize engagement and conversions

A comprehensive testing of subject lines, send times and dates and email copy is carried out as a part of the email management plan. Moreover, after each email blast, your email campaigns will be tracked which includes tracking open and click-through rates, send time and dates, leads, sales and revenue.

So, if you are looking for an effective email marketing company in Hyderabad, look no further!