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Blockchain Technology Is Shaping The Future of Business

Blockchain technology is slated to revolutionize messaging, which used to build an improved and secure communication infrastructure. The security prospects would be identical across various platforms. Currently, different platforms have different protocols that might compromise security.

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Role of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

If you think that shortly you don’t even have to lift your finger to do any work and all your work will be done by robots and artificial intelligence, maybe you are thinking right. There will be times when Robots will be found in everyone’s home like we find mobile phones these days.

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Developing Technology To Detect Deepfakes

Now a day’s company’s researchers, use new kinds of artificial intelligence software to change over the faces of the actors. People and actors are having an instant look over the changeover. In recent times, researchers had created hundreds of videos with changes in bodies and faces which are so-called deepfake videos. By creating these digitally manipulated deepfake videos with spreading disinformation, Google’s scientists decided to learn how to spot deepfakes.

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